New Report by DC Think Tank Shines Light on Problems at CAVA

Many of you may have seen news articles about a research report released this week that details some of the problems CAVA is experiencing in areas such as student achievement, teacher turnover, and school oversight. The report also raises issue about the troubling relationship between CAVA and K12.

This report was released by In The Public Interest, a think tank based in Washington, DC. They explore how Virtual Education is functioning at CAVA, and pay attention to the influence of for-profit corporations such as K12 Inc. on decisions that impact local students.

If you have some time, we would suggest you read the report.  You can find it on the In the Public Interest website here. There have also been numerous articles about the report, including in the SJ Mercury News, Ed Source and Buzzfeed.

Several CAVA staff members had an opportunity to speak to the report creators, and provided input based on their experiences teaching in this environment.  Hopefully the attention the report brings to some of the problems at CAVA will lead to remedies that will make our school better for our students.

CAVA Parents Show Support for Their Teachers!

Upon learning that the CAVA teachers had voted to form a union but were being denied recognition by CAVA administration, a group of parents decided to show their support for the teachers and spread the word of the union’s efforts. Parents set up a table outside of the Redlands Community Day site to hand out union buttons, parent surveys and to answer questions and inform parents of the teachers’ request for more of a voice in our school.

Parents working the table were met with a lot of positive feedback from the parents they spoke with as well as a deep appreciation from the teachers. The parents plan to continue their efforts in support of the teachers through their social media sites and at other CAVA events.

Parent Pic

Memorial Fund

Our CAVA community was touched by tragedy February 4, 2015, when SPED teacher Tanese Heard died suddenly. She was a dedicated, hard-working teacher. She always had a warm, lovely smile on her face during in person meetings. She will be missed by her students, her colleagues, and most of all by her loving family. A memorial fund has been created in her name. If you are so moved, please consider contributing to it. It will mean a lot to her family, in this difficult time, to feel the support and love coming from her work community.

CAVA Teachers Standing Up for Our Students

Despite high turnover, low pay, and very difficult working conditions, CAVA teachers work hard every day to support our students.  We take our professional responsibilities seriously and believe CAVA administration and K12 Inc., should treat our colleagues and our students families with the respect they deserve.  That is why we have been putting so much time and energy into organizing our union.  We believe our community deserves better.

Recently, some of our CAVA colleagues addressed a statewide meeting of California educators at the California Teachers Association quarterly meeting.  Please watch their speech and their warm reception for more information about our important struggle to make sure public resources stay in our classrooms.

Please check back soon for more stories from the front lines.