*Progress Update

Last week we reported that administration took the first step towards following California law and posted the required notice announcing our request for union recognition.  This week it looks like they are trying to take a different path.  Rather than respecting our right to unionize, they may be trying to use legal maneuvers to try and delay our efforts to organize.  In a recent letter from their notoriously anti-union and anti-educator law firm, they have suggested that CAVA should be considered 11 different schools that are totally independent (even though we all have the same management structure, policies and procedures, teach the same students,  and so on).  Furthermore, they have indicated that they should be considered a private company.  This latter point runs contrary to CAVA’s entire revenue model which is dependent on public funding and we are concerned could potentially endanger their standing with the state of California.


We are not surprised that CAVA is trying to delay the process and expected they would likely try both of these tactics.  We do however believe they should act responsibly, respect teachers’ right to organize, and avoid endangering our students and our school.  In the meantime we will continue to build our union and get ready to make the changes that are needed at our school.


If you have any questions about these latest developments, be sure to contact our committee and keep checking our website for further updates.

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