Questions about our CalSTRS benefits

Several teachers have been in contact regarding their CalSTRS accounts. Have you checked yours lately? Some teachers have expressed concern that they did not receive 1 year of Service Credit for teaching at CAVA during any given year. This may have to do with the way that your salary is reported to CalSTRS. The Service Credit is your reported Earnings divided by your Earnables. If your salary is divided into more than one Employer/Assignment, then you may not be receiving the correct Service Credits.
To determine if you were credited correctly follow this link to the CalSTRS website:
1.  Create a new account or log into your account.
2.  Click on View Your Retirement Progress Reports.
3.  Click on the Employer Details for each year that you have been with CAVA.
CalSTRS will round anything at or above 0.9995 to 1 year of Service Credit at the time of retirement.
If you see any problems, here are a couple of action options:
1.  If you would like us to look into your case further, you can take a screen shot, label them with the year being disputed, and send them to the Organizing Committee ( with the Subject: CalSTRS Discrepancy
2.  If you believe there is a problem, on the CalSTRS website you can go to Services, Online Messaging, Create Message, and state your concern(s). This will prompt an internal review of your account with CalSTRS.
During the 2012 – 2013 School Year, teachers were contracted for 200 days at 8 hours per day. This equates to 1,600 hours. CAVA reports the minimum number of hours needed to constitute 1 year of Service Credit. Anything over the minimum should be credited to your DBS Contribution (Defined Benefit Supplement).
This is important for two main reasons. It is critical that you are receiving the correct number of Service Credits each year, with additional Credits rolling over into your DBS Contribution, so that you can retire on your schedule. It is also important, because if you retire without the proper number of years credited to you, you will receive a lower monthly benefit amount.
Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of CalSTRS. We want to be sure that ALL teachers are getting ALL of the credit they are due for their hard work at CAVA.

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