We Did It!

We are thrilled to announce that we have received official news that PERB (the Public Employment Relations Board) has verified that we have majority support for unionization here at CAVA. This is fantastic news, and is validation of all the conversations we have had over the past few months. It also means we are one step closer to bargaining a new contract that will address the issues that need to be fixed here at CAVA.

So what happens next? Now that PERB has verified our majority support, our employer (CAVA/K12) has 15 days to either respect our democratic decision by recognizing our union, or to pursue legal delays by contesting the composition of our bargaining unit.  Either way, we will continue to prepare for bargaining and work to improve our school through a variety of different methods.

We do believe it is vital our administration respects our democratic decision and recognizes our union.  We know CAVA/K12 would prefer to continue to make decisions unilaterally, but change is coming and it is important that CAVA/K12 not be afraid of us teachers having a real say in decisions that impact our school.  By sitting down and negotiating with teachers, we can make CAVA better for our students and our profession.

Over this next period, we look forward to finishing our preparation for bargaining.   If you are interested in working on the bargaining team, this is a great time to step up and contact the organizing committee to find out how to get involved.

In other news: We have been receiving great feedback and information as a result of the initial survey that went out in early summer. Thank you to all who participated and took the time to share your thoughts. Please continue to send your questions and concerns our way. We will certainly keep everyone in the loop as we continue with this process.

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