“I’m In” Pin: Our Right to Show our Union Pride!

Many of our colleagues have asked whether we have the right to wear union buttons at the upcoming in-person Professional Development (PD)s.   The answer is yes!  Even though CAVA has not recognized our union, we still have a legally protected right to “concerted activity,” including wearing union buttons.
This is a long-standing right that all educators have in California due to the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA), and PERB has consistently ruled in favor of employees who wear union buttons.

  • A 1993 PERB decision (Parks, 1026-S) says that “the wearing of union buttons is a protected right, absent special circumstances.”
  • In a 2004 decision (East Whittier School District, 1727) PERB again asserted that teachers can wear union buttons even during instructional time, as long as there were no “special circumstances” such as political elections (obviously not the case here!)

Wearing a pin such as our “I’m in” pin, therefore, is protected activity and CAVA administration can not prohibit you from wearing them, even when students are present, and is not allowed to retaliate against you for wearing the pin.

In the event that anyone from administration asks you to remove your button, respectfully let them know it is your right to wear this button according to the Educational Employment Relations Act. If they persist in their demand, ask if they intend to discipline you if you do not remove button.  If they say yes, inform them that they are violating your rights and report the episode to an organizing committee member.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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