Breaking News from Agora Cyber Charter School in Pennsylvania!

This week we heard surprising news from the Keystone State. Apparently, the charter school governance board that oversees Agora Cyber Charter School (K12 Inc.’s affiliate in Pennsylvania) voted to sever ties with K12 Inc.


On August 5th, the Agora board of directors reportedly voted to terminate its contract with K12 for management services. On Monday, August 28th the Agora board voted to seek a new curriculum provider. Both decisions take effect July 1, 2015, when the current K12 contract expires.


For many years, educators at Agora voiced concerns about the amount of public money taken out of their classrooms and sent out of the state to K12’s corporate headquarters in Virginia. They were concerned about the adverse impact on class size, teacher salaries and quality of education.


However, this week’s vote by the Agora board was a surprise to many in Pennsylvania. Apparently it wasn’t just educators who were concerned about the impact K12 was having on their schools.


Here in California, we are closely watching what happens in Pennsylvania. We are interested in seeing what impact this has on Agora Cyber Charter School, their educators and their students.


We are also concerned about the ongoing crises facing K12 affiliated schools nationally. Keep in mind, the Agora decision follows problems facing many other K12 Inc. state affiliates, including Colorado, New Mexico and Tennessee.


This is yet another reason why it is important that we take responsibility for making CAVA better. If teachers don’t step up, who else will be able to advocate for our profession and our students?

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  1. Thanks for this update. I will do my best to steer teachers to this site. Information shared here is need-to- know.

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