Top CAVA Administration’s Bad Behavior

By now we all know that, way up the chain of command, CAVA administration doesn’t want us to be union. That is because they know that as a union, CAVA teachers will have a real say in policies at our school and we will be better able to make sure resources stay in our classroom, rather than getting shipped out of state to K-12 Inc. That is why CAVA continues to use legal maneuvers to delay the official certification of our union, and by extension, our bargaining of a contract.

Recently, there have been a few instances of CAVA administration bullying our colleagues in unacceptable ways. In one case, one of our colleagues was written up for engaging in legally protected union activity. In another case, Stacey Preach, a long-time CAVA teacher and union activist, was terminated.

Bullying is never acceptable. In both these cases, we believe it is down-right illegal. That is why we have filed charges with the Public Employment Relations Board, asserting that CAVA broke the law. We expect resolution in the near future.



We view these examples of bullying as a sign of desperation by some in administration who want to protect the status quo here at our school. They believe that actions like those taken against Stacey will scare us into backing down. On the contrary, they demonstrate exactly why our unionizing is so important. Teachers at CAVA must be able to advocate for our school and our students without fear of reprisals.

As an Organizing Committee of CAVA teachers, we stand together in support of Stacey and in support of our legally protected rights, and will work with our union to hold CAVA accountable for their violations of the law.

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  1. Having worked for CAVA for six years and witnessed firsthand what a wonderful teacher Stacey is, this news is extremely disturbing. I’ve checked in from time to time to see how union efforts were going for some of my former colleagues, but I honestly didn’t think I would be reading this. What Stacey is as a person and professional is ultimately inviolable, and certainly cannot be tarnished by people who confuse genuine stakeholders with corporate shareholders when it comes to educating children. I wish the very best for Stacey, her family, and all the teachers at CAVA who continue to push for badly-needed reforms. You deserve it!

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