PERB Settlement Conference

Jen S., Cara B., Stacey P., and Debbie S. at the PERB office in Glendale

Jen S., Cara B., Stacey P., and Debbie S. at the PERB office in Glendale

We have good news to report.  Thursday was an important step forward in the establishment of a teachers’ union at our school.  Four members of our organizing committee, along with our CTA lawyer and organizer, held a settlement conference at the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) office in Glendale on Thursday, November 6th.  PERB’s Senior Regional Attorney convened the meeting. Our team met with CAVA’s Head of Schools Katrina Abston and CAVA’s lawyer. We came to the meeting in the spirit of collaboration and hoped to find some common ground to expedite the process so we can work together with CAVA through collective bargaining to address the many problems at our school.


Not surprisingly, CAVA administration wasn’t prepared to work with us and no settlement was reached. Though a bit disappointed, we were not surprised by the behavior of our HOS and her lawyer.  For those interested in the details a review of CAVA administration’s initial Denial of Recognition document will shed some light on their delay tactics.


The good news is that we will now head toward the next step in the process:  an official settlement hearing. In the hearing a PERB official will listen to both sides and make a decision about our case. We are confident in our position. This will likely be scheduled for shortly after the holidays.  We believe our employer should respect our colleagues’ democratic decision to unionize. Though we are disappointed they have not done that so far, with the hearing imminent, we know their irresponsible delay tactics will soon come to end.

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