Credentials and TB–Stay up to date!

Check your Credential Expiration Date

After close of business on Thursday, November 6, an e-mail went out to CAVA teachers from the Human Resources department letting us know that it is the responsibility of each CAVA teacher to ensure credentials remain current with the CTC.  The attachment includes a credential expiration policy, which places a teacher on unpaid administrative leave if the teacher allows a credential to expire.  This policy document was to be signed and returned to HR by close of business, Friday, November 7.  We have been made aware of at least one case of a teacher being placed on this unpaid leave beginning on the very same day this notice was sent out.  This is alarming.  CAVA has a Credential Specialist as part of our clerical staff, but apparently keeping up on credential expiration dates and sending reminders out to teachers is not part of the job tasks currently handled in this department.


Please take a moment now, if you have not already done so, and visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing at  (Use a browser other than Safari to do this.)  Click the “Search for an Educator” button, then click “Public Search.”  This is a quick and easy way to look up the credentials of any teacher in our state.  You will be able to see your expiration dates here.  Make a plan to make sure you renew your credential at the appropriate time – Mark your calendar or set a reminder on your phone.


As always, if you experience anything that doesn’t seem right pertaining to the issue of credential expiration & renewal, surprise unpaid administrative leave, or anything else of note, please notify your union organizing committee at so we are aware and can work on addressing these issues.


Also: Got Your TB Test?

Teachers are required to maintain a current TB test on file. If you are unsure about the date your TB test expires, check with human resources.

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