Staffing and Salary Issues

Staffing Trouble

Our school’s teacher turnover rate is at an all-time high.  It seems every week we learn of multiple teachers who have decided to step away from their jobs at CAVA.  This means our school must hire new teachers, and in certain job categories, this is no easy task.  Losing teachers mid-year negatively impacts our students as they lose the support and relationships they have developed.  Often when a replacement isn’t readily found, others need to take on extra students when they already have a very full class load.  This again leads to a lack of support for our students.


Additionally, many people have noticed there are new monthly rates of pay attached to the multiple CAVA job openings currently posted on  It looks like our employer is finding it necessary to raise starting pay in order to attract applicants. Should increases be used to keep current teachers as well?


Salary Issues Increasingly Common

It has come to our attention that many teachers have not actually received the pay raises they were promised for this current school year.  Here is an invitation for you to conduct a self-audit in an effort to discover and correct any errors you might find.  You should log in to your Insperity account and view your pay stubs.  Compare what you find there to the salary you see on your employment agreement for the current year.  You should also check the salary schedule which has been posted on SharePoint and also on our website.


2014-2015 Salary Schedule


Make sure everything looks right and makes sense to you.  You might choose to compare your current rate of pay with those currently posted on for prospective new hires.  At the beginning of this school year, some teachers received notice of an unexpected raise.  We believe this was because some new hires started at a higher rate of pay than these continuing teachers.  We are wondering if the current wave of mid-semester new-hires might also be coming to CAVA getting paid more to start than some of our teachers who have been around a few months or even a few years.


If you discover something you believe is an error or gives you cause for concern, you should contact CAVA’s HR department via a kind, polite, professionally worded e-mail addressing the issue.  If you are at all dissatisfied with this process or what you discover, or if you find something notable and want to share, please contact your union organizing committee at

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  1. It is really sad that this school can’t keep teachers. They would rather have quantity versus quality. To put it simply, there is no loyalty what so ever with this school.

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