Staff Reaches Out To Admin

Recently, many CAVA staff members signed onto a letter (see below) asking our administration for the opportunity to discuss some areas of concern. The letter was an attempt to summarize many different concerns of staff into one document—not an easy feat. We are impressed by the staff members who signed onto this letter, and by the support expressed by others who were too afraid to sign. It is clear that CAVA teachers are committed to making our school a better place for students to learn and teachers to teach. We are hopeful that more communication such as this letter will lead to a culture of open collaboration, and erode away the culture of fear that currently exists. Unfortunately, CAVA administration has not yet formally responded to our concerns. Though we are not surprised by their silence, we still hope that CAVA administration will address the important issues we raised. But we are not waiting for their answer. Instead, we will continue to work to expose problems and find solutions in order to improve CAVA.

Issues Letter: 10-2014

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