Spring Cleaning: Making Sure Our Students and Colleagues Are Treated Right!

The last few months have been very busy. In addition to the PERB hearings we have already reported on, many of us have been working hard to address problems at our Spring Cleaningschool through legislative and regulatory avenues. We have also been helping advocate for our colleagues when facing poor decisions and unfair actions by CAVA administration. Some highlights:

Legislation: Visits to Sacramento to support important legislation and regulations that will help us make CAVA better for our students and our colleagues. These have included: testifying at the Advisory Commission on Charter Schools, the California State Board of Education, Assembly Education Committee, Senate Education Committee, as well as countless meetings with State Assembly and Senate Members where we have shared our experience at CAVA and discussed the changes that are needed to make this a better place to teach and learn.







District Oversight: Meetings with County Superintendents and district school boards to help ensure public resources that go to CAVA are spent wisely and focus on our classrooms. In recent weeks, this has included a discussion with the San Joaquin County Superintendent as well as a recent visit to the Meridian Elementary School District. There are many problems at CAVA and insufficient accountability. Slowly, that is starting to change.


Protecting our Colleagues: Too often our colleagues are faced with mistreatment by certain administrators, frequently following years of committed and selfless service at our school. Recently many of us have attended trainings on our legal rights and best tactics for our CAVA colleagues when faced with unfair actions by administration. We are keeping track of bad behavior and building our case for holding those responsible accountable.

If you have any questions about any of these areas of action, have been mistreated, or would like to help, let us know! You can reach us at cava.organizing.committee@nullgmail.com.


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