Complaints Filed Across the State

Today a group of CAVA teachers filed 69 complaints across the State with many of our Authorizing Districts. We anticipate that the Districts will respond promptly and take their oversight responsibility seriously as we ask them to address these issues. To view the specific complaints click the links below:

CAVA Fresno Complaints

CAVA Jamestown Complaints

CAVA Jefferson Complaints

CAVA Kings Complaints

CAVA Los Angeles Complaints

CAVA Maricopa Complaints

CAVA San Diego Complaints

CAVA San Joaquin Complaints

CAVA Sutter Complaints


One thought on “Complaints Filed Across the State

  1. Dear CAVA educators: Please keep me updated on all the latest news and information regarding your struggle to unionize. We fully support you and your efforts.

    In solidarity,

    Memo Durgin

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