Update and More Support

We are happy to report that support for our union amongst CAVA educators continues to grow across the state. Over the last few days, we’ve been getting lots of calls and emails offering help and asking about next steps.  The best thing you can do now (besides signing the union support petition if you have not already) is make sure we have your personal email address so we can include you in our email newsletter distribution.

As for updates…

Recently we’ve reached out to a number of California State Legislators to tell them about our decision to form a union here at CAVA.  As a public school it makes sense to keep our elected California officials informed about what is happening. Many of the elected officials we have talked to have decided to write letters of support to CAVA administration reminding them of our legally protected right to organize a union.  We appreciate the support of our CA elected representatives and plan to keep them updated as our effort continues.

Check out the first of those letters, from Assembly Member Roger Hernandez, below.  As always, if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions, contact us here or reach out to one of your CAVA organizing committee members.

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