Teacher Spotlight: John Lee

We work with many great educators. Interesting people with fascinating stories. This year, from time to time, we will turn the spotlight on one of our colleagues as a way of getting to know one another. This week, the lucky teacher is John Lee.

“Hi my name is John Lee”

  1. What grade do you teach and how long have you been with CAVA? I currently teach American Government and Economics, and AP American Government and AP Macroeconomics. This is my fifth year with CAVA.


  1. What is your background in education? In college, I started off as a computer science major, and after working for a year at Hewlett Packard, I decided that sitting in a cubicle and coding for 8 hours a day was not for me. I started tutoring at a local high school near my college, and found my calling as a teacher. I promptly switched my major to history and knew that I wanted to become a history teacher (but I still earned that minor in computer science! =) I am now rolling into my 11th year as a teacher.


  1. What is your favorite part about your job? The thing that I love most about my job is knowing that I am able to make a difference in my student’s lives, and actually see the impact that I have made. I recently was able to teach together with one of my former students. She was a student of mine when I was student teaching the 8th grade at O’Farrell Middle School. Then, after she graduated high school, college, and the credential program (9 years later!!!), we worked a summer program at San Diego State University, called Upward Bound. It is very rewarding know that she pursued teaching solely because of the influence that I had on her life.
  2. What are some of your hobbies?  Anything, and everything! I love sports. I play softball, basketball, tennis, volleyball…basically any sport that involves a ball, a net, or physical activity. I love to snowboard. I have ridden all over the world (USA, Canada, South America, and Europe), but my dream destination to heli-snowboard is New Zealand. Hopefully, I will do that within the next two years.
  3. What’s your favorite movie and/or book and why? My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. I have seen it over 100 times and whenever it is on TV, I always flip to it to see which part it is on. The movie was revolutionary in terms of visual effects, and plot/character development. There’s a reason why it won 6 Academy Awards.
  1. If you were a character on TV why would you be and why? Easy, Superman. Adventures of Superman, Smallville, or Lois and Clark. He fights for truth and justice.
  2. Who do you think would make a good president? Why? (Celebrity or non) Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye. It’s science.
  3. What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen? A meteor shower on the white sand beach of Turks and Caicos.
  4. What is the ultimate dream vacation?  Jumping out of a helicopter on top of a mountain in New Zealand.
  5. What are some of your educational goals? I plan to start a Ph.D. program in the next 5 years.
  6. What’s one thing you are most proud of? I am proud of each and every one of my students who struggle through my class and use the knowledge they acquire for their immediate future.


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