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  • SB 787 – Assemblymember Roger Hernández, a good friend to CAVA educators, wrote this bill so that all public charter schools in California must be run by non-profits. Members of your Union Organizing Committee testified in July before the Senate Education Committee in support of this bill. It has passed the Senate floor and is on its way the Governor’s Desk.

If you are interested in calling/writing the Governor in support of this bill, please let us know!


  • AB 465 – Assemblymember Roger Hernández also wrote this bill so it would be illegal for an employment application or contract to force public employees into arbitration and waive their rights to going to the Labor Board or the courts if there is a dispute. Rights can only be waived if they are voluntary and by the employee. This bill has bipartisan support and is on the Governor’s desk for signing.


  • Funding – The State Budget (AB 93) has been signed and funding for K-12 schools will be increased by more than $3,000 per student compared to 2011-2012 with Prop 98 funds increasing by $2.7B state-wide in 2015-2016. This is another reason why our Union efforts are so important. K-12 funding is going up significantly, but our wages aren’t.


  • Summer School – The Board of Education says that Summer School is considered an extra service, especially since many times it is for students who were deficient during the school year, and it is generally considered to be beyond the scope of the school district’s budget. Therefore, public schools can charge for students to enroll in Summer School. However, it is up to each district to decide if they want to offer Summer School and if they want to charge for it or not.


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