Our Union’s Next Steps: 2015-2016 School Year at a Glance

In recent weeks, many questions have come our way about next steps for our union and what CAVA teachers can expect during the 2015-2016 school year.steps

  1. Recognition as a Union: As many of you know, the majority of us CAVA teachers demonstrated our support for our union last year. CAVA administration, with the help of our management company, K 12 Inc., has used legal maneuvers to delay recognizing us as a union. After a lengthy court hearing in front of California’s Public Employment Relations Board, we anticipate a decision any day now.
  2. Approve our Local Union Bylaws: Our Organizing committee is working on finalizing a draft of our union bylaws. These will lay out a democratic process for decisions to be made in our CAVA teacher’s association. We are excited as they will help facilitate participation and decision making by all of our wonderful colleagues. Once the draft is done, and after our union is recognized, they will be presented to our colleagues for review and approval.
  1. Meetings, Surveys, and Input to Inform Bargaining our First Contract: Over the last few years, we have had many conversations, informal surveys, and meetings to gain insights from our smart colleagues about what would make CAVA work better. This Winter, we will begin a more formal meeting and survey process to get input from CAVA teachers concerning their priorities for our union contract. Since we work all over California, we will hold some of our meetings by region and others we will hold via video conference. We will also begin the process of selecting bargaining team representatives, so let us know if you have someone good in mind! Stay tuned!
  1. Community Building Opportunities: Not having a brick and mortar school site means we don’t see each other in the lunch room, at staff meetings, or after work. For us to get to know each other we have to plan activities. We will schedule opportunities this year. A few coming up include local picnics that are being planned. We have also created the CAVA watercooler, a Facebook page meant to provide opportunities for us to get to know each other. Join us!

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