We are officially union!

On October 30th, PERB issued their long awaited decision, officially certifying our union here at CAVA. The decision affirmed that CAVA teachers are part of one statewide bargaining unit. Remember, CAVA/K12 Inc. had argued that we should instead be broken into 11 different groups associated with each of the CAVA@ charters? You can read the decision by the PERB administrative law judge here!

Extra Good News

This is historic news! We now look forward to sitting down with CAVA administration to bargain a union contract. In their email alerting our co-workers to this news, administration said they were considering appealing the PERB decision. We think that would be a bad idea. We need to start working together to make changes now. No further delays are acceptable. Rather than expensive appeals we believe our students would be best served by administration working with CAVA teachers to make needed improvements at our school. There is no time to lose!

Next Steps: In the weeks to come we will have a number of opportunities for our CAVA co-workers to weigh in as we prepare for contract negotiations. Whether you supported the union initially or not, your input counts so don’t be shy. We will have surveys, town halls, meetings and other opportunities. Please contact us at cava.organizing.committee@nullgmail.com if you have questions or to find out how you can participate.

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