Paid Maternity Leave Approved in San Diego Area Teacher Contract

More and more schools are improving standards in order to recruit the best and brightest. We have great teachers here at CAVA, who are committed to our students. But the turnover is to high and that means many of our students cycle through multiple teachers in a single year.

Recently, in a first for a school district in California, the Grossmont Union High School District board in San Diego County approved six weeks of paid maternity leave for district teachers. The move benefits families and students as it will do much to attract and retain qualified educators.

As the statewide demand for teachers intensifies, strategies that seek to attract and retain young professionals are beginning to take shape at negotiating tables in California. Isn’t it time that CAVA make a better effort to create a more stable faculty and make teaching online a more sustainable profession? We think so! To read more about Grossmont Teachers and other recent victories, check out the November edition of CTA’s the educator!

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