K-12 Affiliated Virtual Charter Schools Face Increasing Scrutiny

What does this mean for CAVA?

We work hard every day to teach our students. Unfortunately, some of the decisions made by CAVA and K-12 make it harder to accomplish our goals. Recent developments have heightened this concern. Recently the NCAA rejected course work from twenty-four K-12 affiliated schools. This will unfortunately have an impact on our students. Additionally, a shareholder lawsuit suggesting that K-12 misled investors was recently filed. What do these developments mean for our schools, our jobs, and our students? Part of organizing a union is allowing us to assert that teachers should be a central part of making decisions about how our resources are used, and how our students are taught. When frontline teachers have more of a voice in important decisions many of these problems can be avoided.

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One thought on “K-12 Affiliated Virtual Charter Schools Face Increasing Scrutiny

  1. The loss of NCAA status is very concerning to me. We have many students who excel in athletics and are using CAVA as a way to pursue their athletic goals – without the approval of NCAA, we are not providing the best educational opportunity for those students. While I know that NCAA has been notorious for their disdain of online schools, the fact that we had their approval and have now lost it speaks volumes! I hope that we will be able to work with Administration to determine the deficiencies, make those changes, and move back into NCAA’s good graces. Sooner rather than later.

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