The Posting is Up (how to find it)

According to California law, when teachers request union recognition, their school administration is supposed to post a specific notice in a public place that acknowledges the teachers’ request. As of May 27, CAVA administration posted the appropriate document. Though the notice itself is not the most interesting reading material, we are pleased our school is following the law. If you are interested in checking it out for yourself, log into Edmodo, look in the staff lounge folders, go to the one titled “Human Resources: Docs”, and it should be the one at the top. It is required to be posted until 6/16/14, so if you look for it after that you may need to ask a committee member for a copy. You can also find it below.

Next steps in the process include the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) verifying our majority support for unionization, and an input process in which everyone will have an opportunity to identify the improvements that are most important for our school!

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