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We are excited to debut our new CAVA educator website!  We want this to be a useful source of information as we work together with our colleagues across the state to improve our CAVA communities so we can better serve our students, our families and our profession.

Our site was built by CAVA teachers for CAVA teachers.  We believe that our school will function best when frontline educators are able to have real input into decisions that impact the important work we do.  We hope this website is a helpful tool!

Please check back frequently for updates about the formation of our union, news about CAVA, answers to tough questions, and best practices for coping with the constantly changing requirements of our jobs!  We welcome any suggestions about how to make our site more helpful. If you have questions about our union organizing, would like to report a rumor, or help support our efforts, please contact us at: cava.organizing.committee@nullgmail.com

One thought on “About Us

  1. I am concerned that CAVA added another Class connect session we have to teach next year for MS. This year they added 3 intervention courses to our schedule. Every year they are increasing the online class connect time. This would be ok except they are not really removing any duties from us to account for the signficant amount time they are adding to our work schedule. Who decided on these changes? I don’t think they considered teachers when they made these changes.

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